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1:  Weather, Holidays
2:  Gardening, Christian faith
3:  Lectures, Frustration, Anger
4:  Animals
5:  Food & Drink
6:  Tired, Sick, Sympathy
7:  Music,Transportation
8:  Lord of the Rings

9:  Welcome, Hugs,
10: Celebrations, Juggling
11: Computers, Books, Time
12:  Romance, Friendship
13:  Other Emotions
14: Jobs, Occupations, Chores
Miscellanea, Geekery
16: Larger images

This is a family-friendly collection of smilies

How do I download them?
These images were gathered from a wide variety of other places on the internet, they are not original works from this site.
I have not given credit as I found nearly all of them in multiple places making it impossible to know who was the "original" one.
If you are the artist for one of these, I will be glad to add your name to your image.
    10. Celebrations, Juggling








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To download and save an image to your own location:
Just position the cursor over the smiley you want, and right-click with your mouse. (or if you are on an Mac, hold the mouse button down for about 1 second until a menu screen displays). Choose Save this Image as... (or similar statement to save image) from the menu and supply the name in the dialogue box that appears. This would be the name of where you are saving it, such as your own images on your own computer, or the images folder for your own website.  If you do not have a specific place for your images, it is highly recommended that you create a folder in your documents at your own computer called "Images" and then keep them there, to make it easier to find and use them.

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